I asked to be tested for celiac disease. The endocrinologist thought it was unnecessary. I had been semi gluten free for about a year after reading a book and trying to improve my diet. That being said- I didn’t say no to delicious treats. The doctor told me to keep on being gluten free and if I cheated once in a while that was okay. Once in a while? Is that once a week? Once a month? Once a year?? With a sweet tooth like mine, I needed a definitive answer. I switched to a gastroenterologist who took me (and my symptoms) much more seriously. It was decided after the first visit that I would undergo an upper endoscopy. I had a month of gluten loading to do prior to the procedure and I lived it up at all my favorite restaurants. My friend had gotten me a good luck box of mini cupcakes, and I remember stuffing my face with gluten-y goodness at midnight the night before getting biopsied. After the procedure, I woke up feeling groggy and remember the doctor telling me he didn’t have the final results yet but I should resume my gluten free diet. The next day, I went for froyo with a friend and got the peanut butter and jelly flavor with gluten. I thought maybe I had overthought the whole gluten free thing. Later that week the doctor called with the results- I without a doubt had celiac disease. He recommended a dietician and a book to get me started and told me to only eat processed items if they said “certified gluten free” on the box. And that’s how my journey began……..Sometimes you need to go with your gut!


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