Sequoia National Park

I love to go adventuring and California is a great place to hop in the car and go somewhere. Over Labor Day weekend, I went to Sequoia National Park. We stayed in Three Rivers which is about 20 minutes from the entrance to Sequoia. Once you enter Sequoia, you still need to drive quite a ways to see the trees. It was a really fun trip and I felt like I was in “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” standing next to the Sequoias.

Before heading up to Sequoia, I did my now typical routine of looking up restaurants and calling about gluten free options. I also packed a ton of snacks. So after a few phone calls and a backpack full of snacks, I was ready for the long weekend!

When we first got there Saturday afternoon, we ate at Ol’ Buckaroo in Three Rivers. It’s essentially a food truck with outdoor seating and waiters.  I had a burger on a gluten free bun with fruit as they did not have a gluten free fryer for french fries. It was pretty good and the staff was really knowledge about gluten free items. I’m not sure how many options they had beyond the burger though.


Ol' Buckaroo
Ol’ Buckaroo

We drove into Sequoia that day and saw bears. We saw a total of five over the course of the weekend. Twice we had bears run out in front of our car. Crazy!!


For dinner we went to the Sequoia Cider Mill and we ordered steak and ribs. The food was “meh” but we didn’t go to a national park for the food. I also ordered a cider, it seemed like the right thing to do because it’s a cider mill, and it was very sweet and not that alcoholic.

In case you don't know what "meh" food looks like
In case you don’t know what “meh” food looks like


Sunday morning we went to Sierra Subs and Salads. It was amazing! Hands down the best food we found. We ordered sandwiches to go and ate them in the park. I ordered the BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato) on gluten free bread. They used a separate cutting board, squeeze bottles for the mayo, and changed their gloves. We liked their sandwiches so much we came back on Monday but they were closed.


Sandwich in Nature
Sandwich in Nature

For dinner that night we went to The Peaks restaurant in the Wuksachi Lodge. Again, mediocre food but it was located within the park and we were hungry. And- it had gluten free options marked on the menu!! When we ordered I told them I had celiac disease so they put a notation down for extra precaution, separate pans, etc. which was appreciated.

I forgot to mention how happy I was that I packed extra snacks. Our hotel only had gluten food options for breakfast so I had some fruit or a protein bar for breakfast. And we also had a picnic in the park. Gotta love picnics!


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