Knott’s Scary Farm

I went to Knott’s Scary Farm the other weekend and was pretty excited for the scares and gluten free food. I had done my research and they seemed to have a bunch of options. When I got there, it was a different story. Some of the park was closed as the Halloween version of Knott’s Berry Farm doesn’t allow access to everything.

I went in search of gluten free food and saw a place with a sign that said gluten free items available. So when I went to order a gluten free hamburger, the girl at the counter told me only the buns were gluten free. Cue my confusion. She went to talk to the cooks and came back and said she could only guarantee the bread was gluten free but nothing else. On we went… I went to another place and ordered a hotdog on a gluten free bun. I got my hotdog and realized the bun was toasted— I asked the manager where they toast the gluten free buns and found out there is one machine to toast all the hotdog buns. So I changed my order to a lettuce hotdog to avoid the cross contamination and was disappointed as I had already taken a small bite of the bread. Every food place we passed throughout the night I looked out for gluten free options.

Then I found the Boardwalk Barbeque. The employees and the manager knew about gluten free options and I ordered a pizza that was cooked in its own aluminum pan to avoid cross contamination. Success!!! Long story short, ask questions.

The winning place!
The winning place!

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